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  • The Zadar region is a place of exceptional gastronomic tradition, developed and perfected through centuries of industrious, painstaking and resourceful approach to food and wine making.

    If you are a food buff that wants to have a great gourmet meal, but you also want to enjoy it in a heavenly environment, wait no more and visit the Zadar region!


    Eat local delicacies

    Have a glass (or two, three) of delicious wine

    Try one of the most awarded cheeses in the world


    Lamb and Cheese

    Sheep and lamb go well together

    If you are a fan of exceptional juicy meat or a connoisseur of top-notch prized cheese, you will want to stay longer in this area!

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    Salt Pans and Olive Groves

    Add a little salt (and olives) to your life

    Everyone knows how hugely important the olive is for the entire Dalmatia region, but the Zadar region cherishes a very long and special relationship with sea salt as well 

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    Vineyards and Orchards

    Wine after wine

    Add invigorating wine and aromatic aperitifs to local hedonistic dishes, and you will get every foddie's dream equasion!

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    Characteristic Cuisine

    A festival for your tastebuds

    Cuisine of the region provides everything to satisfy your heart's desire and it is characterized by simplicity of preparation and harmony of assorted flavours!

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