A real paradise for divers


Diving in this marvellous world of silence will show you truly amazing beauty of this area's underworld – from vertiginous walls swooping down to the depth of 60 meters, underwater reefs rich in various species of fish or characteristic underwater caves to corals -  masterpieces that decorate the depths. Dense forests of magical purple, red or yellow gorgonians are a most usual picture to see.

The underwater world of the Zadar region is a real paradise for divers because of its variety and thanks to the accessible coastline and hundreds of islands. Located in central west Dalmatia, the region embraces the area from the island of Pag, across smaller islands Premuda, Ist, Molat, Silba, towards bigger ones: Dugi otok, Ugljan and Pašman. Geographically, it extends to the Kornati islands and it surely is one of the most interesting destinations for every lover of the sea and the underwater world.


The top location for diving is certainly the Nature Park Telašćica – the place where the steepest white 162 meters high Adriatic cliffs dive into the blue sea. Scuba diving is permitted from April to November on four localities – near the islets Sestrica Mala, Korontan, Garmenjak Veli and Garmenjak Mali, offering an unforgettable experience of observing cliff ornaments in magnificent colors, abundant marine fauna and red gorgonian colonies. Getting chance to dive among cliffs in the Nature Park Telašćica is a unique and rare experience. Even in the marvellous National Park of Kornati Islands one can enjoy diving in nine beautiful areas but necessarily respecting the rules of the Park. 

Telascica cliffs


Among many caves, one of the most interesting is situated in the bay of Široka, on the island of Premuda.  The cave is known as the ‘Cathedral’ due to its domelike shape and numerous cracks and clefts where sunrays break through at noon and create a unique display of light, sea, and shadows.


Besides the natural sights, you can explore some interesting wrecks, such as Sz. Izstvan, the ship class Teggethoff, sunk at a couple of miles from Premuda; or the shipwrecks of British escort destroyer Aldenham sunk near the island of Škarda and the Ledenik wreck near the island of Sestrunj, along with various barges or small boats.

For those having special interest in shipwrecks, Biograd Homeland Museum holds a scale model of the Venetian galley sunk in the 16th century near Gnalić Island as well as the cargo that the hydro-archaeologists found in it. Learn about the anchors, cannons, tiny objects for everyday use, brass candlesticks, or various objects made of Murano glass and textile that had all been under the sea for more than 350 years. On the very exact diving location of Gnalić, you may stumble upon a pearl, as well as fragments of ceramics and the outer part of the ship. The deep blue still holds some undiscovered secrets waiting for the brave and tenacious to discover.

Whether you are new at diving and wish to experience the miracles of the underworld for the first time,  or an already experienced diver, it is highly recommended that a local expert accompanies you, as very often the most attractive sites are not suitable for independent diving of beginners.  Many scuba diving centres operate throughout the whole region, from those on the coast, in Zadar, Biograd, Bibinje, Sukošan, Nin, Zaton or Pakoštane, to those on the islands of Pag, Vir, Ugljan and Dugi otok. Check it all out HERE (just select Diving Clubs).

Once the professional divers take you to the magnificent underwater world of Zadar region and show you beautiful diving locations with the hidden treasures, shipwrecks, forests of sea algae or caves, you will immediately get hooked to that unique excitement of being immersed into the Big Blue. 

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