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  • Most of the epithets used in portraying stunning natural environments usually do not do justice to the nature of the Zadar region and fail in describing it's true astonishing beauty!

    Whether we focus on imposing peaks of Velebit Mountain, scenic splendour of the Adriatic coastline or charming intimacy of the scattered island, we are frequently awe-struck and lost for words.


    Go deep into the nature

    Bike your way to the top

    Feel like on the top of the world



    Biking on an another level

    The long, high and indented coast of the Zadar region is an ideal place for panoramic biking, offering exceptional scenery and breathtaking views!

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    Rock Climbing

    Climbing to the top

    Whether you like hiking and trekking or prefer rock climbing and caving, you will enjoy the landscape of the region to your heart’s content!

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    Discover the caves of Velebit

    On Velebit you don't always have to go up, you can go deep down also! 

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    Water Sports on River

    Dive into the nature

    If you are into water sports, but not necessarily sailing or swimming, the Zadar region comes forward once again with a great variety of choices!

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    Water Sports on Sea

    Dive into the beautiful nature

    If you want to enjoy the pure scent of pine, salt and sea, there is no better way then while doing water sports!

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    Heaven for hikers

    These locations get so high, you will really think you reached heaven!

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    Don’t forget to look before you leap! 

    When we say that you’ll get a bird’s eye view of many famous landmarks, then we really mean it!  

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    Surfing in Nin

    Wind/Kitesurfing in Nin

    Nin Riviera

    If you want to fly between the magical historical town of Nin and the rocky outline of the Island of Pag with the peaks of Velebit in the background, then you have to try windsurfing. You can enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing here since this is the region where windless days are rare.


    You jump, I (bungee) jump! / Bungeeeeeee jump!

    Bungee Jump from the Maslenica Bridge

    Paklenica Riviera

    Try out the hugest bungee jump in Croatia from the iconic Maslenica bridge! Get your adrenaline going5 m/16.4 ft above the surface where the rope stops. Whether you are a beginner or an old jumping fox – you will get equally excited!


    Safari anyone? / The ride of your holiday

    Velebit Foto Safari

    Paklenica Riviera

    The fairy-tale of the Zrmanja Canyon, the enchanting Zadar Archipelago, the magnificent limestone formations of Tulove Grede, wonderful views of the Adriatic and much more are all a part of an utterly enjoyable jeep safari ride!


    Malik Adventures

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