The giant that connects the heights and the sea

Nature Park Velebit

The mountain Velebit is a mix of karst dolines, mountain crests, sinkholes, ridges, rounded and sharp peaks all combined in a one of a kind beauty.
Velebit is famous for many things and sometimes it is difficult to decide which one is the ultimate number one. For some it is its captivating biodeversity, for some its spooky speleology and for some its wild geography. 

But one is sure – they all experience it in another way. And that is the main uniqueness about this mountain. It makes one encounter himself and see himself as part of nature. This is why you can never have the same experience twice here – however often you visit, you always find something new about the mountain and about yourself. It's kind of a mystery. And speaking of mystery, the famous Winnetou film were shot here also!

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