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  • The three nature parks in this region - Telašćica, Vrana Lake and Velebit are all known for it's variety, preservation and unique beauty of nature; especially the National Park Paklenica which is listed on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in Europe.

    Going from deep to high - on every step you can find nature that will amaze you and your senses, whether it is the indended, crystal blue sea or the raw mountain massif.


    Make a new friend- The Velebit mountain

    Pet a dolphin at Telašćica

    Have a nature adventure at Paklenica


    National Park Paklenica

    National Park Paklenica

    Paklenica NP is home to several hundred animal species and about one thousand plant species.

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    Nature Park Velebit

    The giant that connects the heights and the sea

    The mountain Velebit is a mix of karst dolines, mountain crests, sinkholes, ridges, rounded and sharp peaks all combined in a one of a kind beauty.

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    Nature Park Telašćica

    The place that dolphins chose

    Get a selfie with an adorable dolphin in their favorite gathering place!

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    Nature Park Vransko Lake

    The lake of birds

    This designated nature park and the largest natural lake in entire Croatia is also a well-known ornithological reserve for 251 bird species!

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    Zrmanja River Canyon

    Fall in love with the most impressive canyons

    If you are a true nature lover, you have to see this significant landscape!

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