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  • A gentle breeze, sunlight caressing your skin, the soothing sound of waves – is there a better way to spend a day far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life than taking a break on the beach?
    Don’t just dream about it, do something about it – pop on your favourite summer outfit and enjoy some sunbathing, water sports, swimming and walks by the beach, or sip a cold beer or cocktail while listening to your favourite summer songs. Pack your bags and head for Zadar today!


    Spend a day on the city beach and become part of the local crowd

    Enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world

    Find the perfect beach for some quality R&R



    The fun starts here

    Dalmaland has only one mission – creating fun for the whole family.

    A vacation with too much fun? Said no one ever. So, if you are in the mood for some adrenaline and entertainment, head to Dalmaland. This theme park offers tons of fun and spectacular entertainment for the whole family in the very heart of the Adriatic Coast. Visitors can choose their adventure from one of the three adrenaline ride themes based on the concepts of space, pirates and the Wild West respectively. The park, however, has something for everyone, from computer simulations and gaming rooms to magicians, jugglers, circus performers, stand-up comedians and similar entertainers from around the world. Just reading about it is fun! From now on you can also enjoy the largest water park in Dalmatia with as many as 14 water attractions and the biggest slide in Croatia!

    Family Resorts

    An active holiday for the entire family!

    If you visit one of these places, your family holiday will never be boring or predictable! 

    What distinguishes family resorts from other types of accommodation is the positive energy that they radiate, as they make all guests feel like part of one big family. In addition, family resorts offer first-class entertainment, tasty food and superior services.
    Local family resorts such as Zaton Resort, Šimuni Camping, Crvena Luka or Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora have been designed and organised to fulfil all the wishes of their guests, and particularly those of their children, as the satisfaction of children is what defines a family vacation. However, adults won’t feel neglected either, as family resorts offer entertainment for all ages. If you’re looking to spend your holidays somewhere more exotic, yet wish to have all of the commodities that you need at your disposal, accommodation in the Polynesian-style straw huts at Pine Beach is the perfect choice for you! Pine Beach boasts a kilometre-long beach, and what’s more this beach is located in a large pine forest

    Museum of Illusions, Zadar

    It’s all just an illusion, right?

    Enjoy some unusual and unexpected tricks and have some fun and get confounded at the same place!

    Ready for a fascinating adventure? If you are, head for this fantastic world of illusions that will both make you doubt your own senses and entertain you, confuse you and educate you. Things are never as they seem, and this particularly applies to the Museum of Illusions! 
    The Museum of Illusions offers interactive and entertaining experiences for kids, parents, couples and grandparents alike, which makes it the perfect place where people of all ages can have an unusual and exciting time. Entertaining and magical tricks will teach you a lot about vision and perception, and about the human brain and science, showing you how your eyes can see things that the brain can’t even comprehend.

    Families Are Always Welcome

    Only the best for your family!

    When you want to get better acquainted with the place that you are visiting, people are what counts the most.

    Renting an apartment from the locals is a great accommodation choice, as the people of the Zadar County have a long tradition in welcoming visitors to their homes and taking care of all of their needs. This exceptional custom of turning private homes into accommodation facilities offers you the opportunity to get even better acquainted with the locals and learn more about the region that you are visiting.   The owners of real properties are usually pleasant people who will do everything in their power to make your holiday an unforgettable one.  They will be very happy to welcome you to their homes so that they can share their authentic lifestyles with you, and this is one of the main reasons that guests from all over the world return to the islands, coast and urban and rural parts of the Zadar region. 
    Many of them have adapted their properties in order to accommodate families with children, and we have grouped such hosts under the category   "Welcome - Family".

    Zadar Bike Magic Family Routes

    Cycling routes that lead to breathtaking views!

    Take your entire family on a discovery of places that can be only reached by bike. 

    The diversity of the Zadar region offers unforgettable experiences to all lovers of cycling. The long and well-indented coast, the stunning archipelago, the charming hinterland with many magnificent viewpoints such as Paklenica, three river canyons and the truly unusual and moon-like surface of the Island of Pag...these are but few of the things you can see and experience on two wheels. 
    In addition to road and mountain cycling routes, "Zadar Bike Magic" brings you 20 more trekking and family routes for both recreational cyclists and families. These are beautiful and simple trails that mostly start in larger tourist centres and pass through attractive locations in the surroundings. You can find out everything that you want to know about the cycling trails by visiting! Most towns on the coast recommend the best trails and paths for enjoying a pleasant hike. The islands offer the opportunity for one-of-a-kind strolls through olive groves with spectacular views of the sea. Those looking for an adrenaline rush won’t go wrong if they decide on one of the trails in Paklenica National Park.

    Sandy Beaches

    Beaches for a perfect time!

    Summer holidays cannot be imagined without beaches, as they are a place that kids and adults enjoy equally.

    Regardless of whether you prefer secluded and quiet private beaches or are looking for a popular and dynamic spot to enjoy the crystal-clear waters, the Zadar region is always a fantastic place to visit. 
    Although most of the beaches on the Croatian coast are pebbled or rocky, the Zadar region also offers many sandy beaches, such as those in the camp Ninska laguna where, thanks to the shallow and warm waters, you can play in the sand for hours. The healing properties of its famous medicinal mud are also a true wonder of nature. In the vicinity of the settlement of Zaton, there are some long, mostly sandy beaches, and the one in Zaton Resort is definitely one of the finest in Croatia. It is perfect for families with small children, but also for teenagers and adults, who can choose between a variety of fun activities and sports amenities. 
    Among the many beautiful beaches on the islands of the Zadar region, Sakarun Beach on the island of Dugi otok is one of the most popular. This long beach distinguishes itself with its sand and turquoise waters.



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    Located in: Paklenica Riviera

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