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  • Did you ever feel so overwhelmed by the beauty of heritage during your vacation that you did not know where to start? Well then, welcome to the Zadar region! Locate the ancient communities of the Liburnians, step into the grand cities of the Romans, visit the northern parts of the Byzantine Empire, explore the walls of the Venetian strongholds and see in person where Croatian Kings laid the foundations of Croatian sovereignty! Choose your favorite period and we will find a piece of history that will amaze you.


    Admire Roman remains 

    Talk to the locals about crafts and customs

    Find your favorite pre-romanesque church


    St. Donatus

    Explore 3000 years of history!

    Get to know the symbol of Zadar – the Church of St. Donatus and travel through time.

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    Sea organ & Sun salutation

    Light and music show by nature

    Fall in love with the spectacular installations that show how well art and nature mix.

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    Forts, monastaries & remains

    Be the live witnesses of the past times

    Explore the traces of the history.

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    Religious treasures

    Richness of the religious heritage

    Discover the episcopal complex of Zadar and its sorroundings.

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    Crafts and Customs

    Learn the crafts and customs of the local people

    People of the region have always had a knack for fostering colourful and intresting tradition and practising valued and pleasing customs. And the best part - they will love to tell you all about it!

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    UNESCO heritage

    The legendary Dalmatian stone

    These stones hide more mystery than Stonehenge!

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    Ave history and architecture!

    The Romans and the Venetians made a huge mark in the region, leaving behind a permanent legacy of unique customs and architectural marvels!

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    See (but don't touch) the Museum of Ancient Glass

    Museum of Ancient Glass


    It's baffling that a medium as delicate as glass could survive the earthquakes and wars that have plagued this region over the millennia, but this impressive museum has thousands of objects on display!


    Sail through history

    Condura Croatica

    Nin Riviera

    Condura was arguably the smallest yet deadliest galley-type vessel in the history of warfare. Croatian Kings of the 11 th  and 12 th  century had up to 20 thousand oarsmen ready to propel them at a moment’s notice and one of the Conduras can be seen today at the Museum of Nin Antiquities. 


    Get lucky

    Gregory of Nin

    Nin Riviera

    One of Gregory’s bronze statues, all made by famous Ivan Meštrović, can be found in Nin next to the Church of St. Anselm. The legend says that by touching his big toe, you can fulfil all your wishes, so come and try your luck!

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