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  • The Zadar County Tourist Board has the basic role of encouraging, preserving improving and advancing all the existing tourist resources in the county. 

    Its basic task is also cooperation and coordination with legal and physical persons with the aim to implement the plan of tourism development as well as to stimulate and assist in the development of tourism in the poorer developed regions. The important role of Zadar County Tourist Board is the development of a plan and programme of promoting Zadar county products and of establishing and implementing all the works for promoting the county at home and abroad.

    Our basic task is to make it possible for each tourist to have all the information needed to ensure an unforgettable vacation in our region. In order to offer the best and most complete information on the tourist resources of our region, city, municipality and locality tourist offices have been established where you can get all the information you are interested in connected to your stay in our area.

    The Zadar County Tourist Board has a total of six city tourist offices and nineteen municipality tourist offices and three locality tourist offices. The tourist office representatives meet at monthly coordination that takes place in Zadar County Tourist Board offices. The tourist offices, besides working on coordination, participate at tourist fairs, manifestations, festivals, or other gatherings essential for the development of tourism in the region. In the mutual actions, good experiences are exchanged and numerous joint activities are organized in order to create new tourist products and resources. 

    We are at your disposal and pleased at your arrival in our Zadar region. Feel free to visit, call or email us, we are open to your questions and suggestions. 

    Welcome to the Zadar region!

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