Sun & Light festival

Location Nin
Date 20-06-2024

Nin’s Sun & Light festival is one-day specticle on 21st of June!

There will be art exhibitions, scientific and professional lectures, creative workshops for children along with sun, moon and star observation with the help of telescopes. The perfect family outing during your time in our Zadar Region!

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Šokol Festival

Location Nin
Date 21-07-2024

Šokol is a dry meat product made of quality pork meat, Nin’s salt, spices and the influence of bura. 

But, every family and every great master has its own little secret ingredient which makes their šokol stand out. The best way to find your favorite is to visit the Nin’s Šokol Festival held since 2003.

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Salt festival

Location Nin
Date 01-08-2024

Everyone knows what salt tastes like, but very few know the exact process of producing it. 

However, the Salt Festival will change that. This summer event offers creative workshops, salt picking by hand and tours with professional guides that will introduce this long tradition to all generations. Spice up your holiday in a different way!  

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Romantic Week in Nin

Location Nin
Date 06-08-2024 - 11-08-2024

Did you know that Nin was voted the most romantic destination in Europe in 2016? 

To celebrate love, Nin is hosting a Romantic Week where a handful of surprises awaits visitors: a romantic arc of love on a romantic bridge, a place for kisses, a wall of memories, a romantic dance floor, the opportunity to take a photo with historical characters in costume… all under the starry eyed sky and ending with a fireworks show over the historic town!

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Sand Festival

Location Nin
Date 24-08-2024

If you like sand, you are sure to love Nin. 

Its 8 kilometer long sandy beaches are known for their quality sand and clean sea. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Sand Festival takes place there giving artists, residents, tourists and children an opportunity to show their sculpting talent in the making of sand creations. And when you exhaust your art ideas, get refreshed in the sea (and sand)!

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Zadarhalf Triathlon by Zaton Holiday Resort

Location Zaton
Date 05-10-2024 - 05-10-2024

The host of the 11th edition of the Zadarhalf Triathlon is Zaton Holiday Resort, a favourite family resort widely known for its diverse and high-quality offer.

This sports event consists of 3 disciplines: 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running. In addition, the program includes a children's Aquathlon race.
The race is of an open international type and offers the possibility of participation to both professionals and amateurs of all age groups. It is held entirely in Zadar County (Zadar - Nin - Ninski stanovi), and through the race the competitors also have the opportunity to get to know the beauties of the region, from the crystal-clear sea, favourable microclimatic conditions, to the rich cultural and natural heritage.

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