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    Days 3 to 7
    Location Hinterland

    *All the information provided above represents a non-binding draft version, so feel free to contact us regarding the creation of a final offer.

    Visit Mićanovi Dvori Estate in Bukovica; go rafting on Zrmanja River or take a boat to Novigrad; tour of Varoš on the slopes of Velebit; Paklenica National Park in Starigrad and safari tour of Velebit; Ražnjevića Dvori 1307 AD farm and restaurant in Polača in Ravni Kotari; tour of the Vransko Lake Nature Reserve.

    Feel the warm welcome of northern Dalmatia in the most prominent agricultural sites along with local culinary specialties, while combining active holidays with cultural and gastronomic offers. We will take you to the stone buildings of Varoš on the slopes of the mythic Velebit Mountain. You can enjoy visiting the stone complex of Bukovica near Zrmanja River and an adrenaline-boosting ride down the upper stream of this karst beauty, or take a bout on its more peaceful lower stream to the miraculous cove known as the Novigrad Sea. Enjoy the offer of local specialties prepared in ancient ways along with excellent wines in the heart of the Ravni Kotari region in the Ražnjevića Dvori 1307 AD farm and restaurant, or visit the largest freshwater lake in Croatia with unforgettable landscapes and historical sites, from the remains of the Knights Templar to Maškovića Han, the westernmost surviving building from the Ottoman Empire.

    Programme Outline

    Day 1: Velebit Mountain and Varoš complex of stone buildings in Starigrad with a jeep safari 
    Day 2: Bukovica and Mićanovi Dvori in Kruševo either rafting or by boat on the Zrmanja River
    Day 3: tour of the Vransko Jezero Nature Reserve along with a photo safari and lunch according to ancient recipes with wine degustation in Ražnjevića Dvori 1307 AD farm and restaurant in Polača