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    Days 3 to 5
    Location Islands

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    Kayaking around Dugi otok; Telašćica Bay; the Veli Rat lighthouse on the north-western cape, near the town of Veli Rat; Sitno Bay; Sakarun Bay, one of the most renowned beaches in the Zadar County.

    The nearest island to Zadar is the green island of Ugljan, covered with centuries-old olive trees and pines, and in addition to enjoying the beautiful landscape, pleasant air and the scent of the sea, you can experience something special by visiting the ancient mill of Muline. Here you will be given the opportunity to learn about the tradition of olive cultivation and olive oil production. A little further on, in Preko, there is an organic olive grove and an oil plant, a perfect place to sample Dalmatian cuisine. A visit to the olive groves of the Zadar hinterland will show you that oil production is not limited to the Croatian islands, but also thrives in the poor Dalmatian soil that supports over 12,000 olive trees. Here you can recover your energy with the help of homemade ham, cheese, wine and olive oil. One last gem is the visit to the Lun olive grove, whose olive trees are among the oldest and most beautiful in the world, and will surely leave you breathless.

    Program outline

    1st day: arrival and accommodation, knowledge of the island and kayaking routes
    2nd day: kayaking along the northern part of the island - within the area of ​​the Veli Rat lighthouse
    3rd day: kayaking along the southern part of the island within the area of ​​the Telašćica Nature Park and the Kornati Islands
    4th day: visit to the Strašna Peć cave (˝cave of horrors˝)
    5th day: departure


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