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    Days 7
    Location Island of Pag

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    Pag lacemaking workshop; tour of the town of Pag; tour of the Pag Lace Gallery in Pag; tour of the Pag Lacemaker Monument.

    You must have heard of UNESCO protected Pag lace. It is so beautiful and unique that people who own it often frame it like a painting. This is no wonder if you know how this amazing decoration is made and how many threads and how much time is needed to see the results. It is interesting to note that one’s hands must always be clean when you’re making it. Today it is believed that making lace is a relaxing activity. Pag “nane” (grandmothers) dedicated their entire lives to making it, but only in order to feed their families. Every year the town of Pag holds the Festival of Pag Lace. In order to mark this event we organize lacemaking workshops in May and June. All you need is some free time, a small and firm pillow, a needle, some thread... and a lot of goodwill.

    Programme Outline

    Day 1: getting to know the history of lacemaking in Croatia and the history of Pag lace
    Day 2-7: workshop