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    Days 3 to 6
    Location Islands

    *All the information provided above represents a non-binding draft version, so feel free to contact us regarding the creation of a final offer.

    Discovering the secrets of Dugi otok under the guidance of professional divers; underwater world around the islet of Mežanj; the underwater cave of Brbinjšćica.

    Exploring the depths of the sea has always posed a challenge to the abilities of mankind, while diving is a unique experience that takes us back to our very beginnings. When we’re underwater, sounds are different, deeper. The light that reaches us looks like stardust from a magic wand. We are weightless. Our movements are lighter, softer. Once our professional divers take you to the magnificent underwater world of one of the best diving destinations in the central Adriatic and show you the hidden treasures located around the islet of Mežanj or the underwater cave of Brbinjšćica, you will immediately get hooked on the exhilaration of being underwater. And you’re bound to return to again be at one with the sun, the underwater world and yourself.

    Programme Outline

    Day 1: arrival and accommodation
    Day 2: diving at locations in the northern part of Dugi otok 
    Day 3: diving at locations in the southern part of Dugi otok; Day 4: visit to the underwater cave of Brbinjšćica
    Day 5: boat trip to a location near Dugi otok (Kornati Islands or Iž)
    Day 6: departure


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