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Salt Pans and Olive Groves

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  • Salt Pans and Olive Groves
  • Everyone knows how hugely important the olive is for entire Dalmatia, but the Zadar region cherishes a very long and special relationship with sea salt as well. Olive fruit and olive oil of the region have been nurturing endless generations of local communities and delighting many other nations in all corners of the world. 

    There is no doubt about the native olive being regal and magnificent, so visit Ugljan Island, for instance, to learn all about it. Nonetheless, the area around Zadar boasts another fabulous gift of nature and a primary ingredient of virtually all food known to human kind, i.e. pure unspoiled sea salt. Pag Island and Nin saltworks in particular take pride in their deposits, which have been harvested and produced traditionally for centuries with minimum changes. Nin even has an onsite museum that will lead you through the process, offer souvenirs and present the flower of salt, an exquisite delicacy dubbed "the caviar of salt"!

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