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  • Archipelago
  • If you have a penchant for sailing or you simply enjoy a wanderlust of the open sea, the Zadar region is definitely your cup of tea!
    Its crystal-clear shores and lovely teal bays offer countless marine aromas and naval flavours to nurture your roaming spirit. Sailing by the wonderful islands, islets and reefs surrounding one of the most indented coastal waters of Europe is the trademark of this region.


    Recharge in the largest marina in Croatia

    Explore the beatiful coast from the sea


    Naval Bliss

    Set sail

    Altough sailing adventures are salty, they leave sweet and lasting memories forever kept in a swelling heart and an elated mind, so come to experience  maritime bliss of the region!

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    Excellent ports and marinas

    Everyone needs a safe harbour

    Every experienced seaman knows the true worth of a friendly port or a well-equipped marina and the Zadar region boasts many of them!

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    Charter and regatta hub

    A sea of experience!

    Meet the charter and regatta hub you will not want to leave. Not even by boat.

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