Covid-19 Q&A


Croatia as you know, has been one of the most disciplined and successful countries in fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, and so has the Zadar Region. 

If you plan to visit us in 2020 be sure to check all the necessary and relevant information on the Croatian Government Official website for accurate and verified information on Corona virus  and Croatian National Tourist Board Q&A HERE.

We are taking all necessary measures to make your vacation in our region completely safe and carefree. If you have any questions or experiencing symptoms associated to Covid-19, please call Public Health Institute of Zadar County at 00385 98 33 27 65. INFO ON TESTING FIND HERE.

Our hotels, camps, rural homes and apartments have all been preparing for your arrival and are taking precautionary measures as proscribed by our Health Protection Service.

Our agencies, guides and service providers are also there for your safety so you can explore the region with them, enjoy small and private tours of our vineries, cultural sights, natural wonders, or take part in an outdoor activity.

The long and indented coast of surreal beauty and splendid peaks of the imposing mountains are just some of the many diverse natural wonders that can be found in our small region. There are numerous coves and natural hidden beaches, dozens of islands, picturesque cycling and walking routes you can enjoy in privacy.

National parks, nature parks, islands, reserves, woods, fields, groves, bays, coves and beaches are all integral part of that great nature story that we take pride sharing, and we hope we can all enjoy it together very soon!


To cross the state border faster and easier, we recommend all foreign citizens to register via the entercroatia.mup.hr website.

The Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters has just passed a Decision amending the Decision on the temporary ban on crossing the border crossings of the Republic of Croatia.

This Decision affects the Member States of the European Union (Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Austria, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Poland, Republic of Slovenia, Federal Republic of Germany and Slovak Republic) whose nationals will not have to prove the reason for their entry (business, economic, tourist, etc.), but will be able to enter under the same conditions as before the outbreak of COVID-19. However, still with epidemiological control, and with the obligation to comply with general and special recommendations of Institute of Public Health.

When citizens of these Member States enter the Republic of Croatia, their entry will be recorded by collecting additional data (place of destination, mobile phone number and e-mail address), due to the possible need for contact for epidemiological reasons.

In order to shorten the waiting time for crossing the state border, extended due to the collection of additional data, we recommend foreign citizens who intend to stay in Croatia to submit their data via website entercroatia.mup.hr.

The website provides an announcement form available in Croatian and English (over the next few days available in many other languages) following which the passengers will receive instructions.

Passengers who submit data in this way will not have to provide this necessary at the border crossing since the border police will have this data in the system.

Also, passengers who submit data in this way, will receive a return confirmation of the received announcement and all the necessary information related to the instructions and recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Passengers who do not submit their data in advance via the above application will be able to do all this at the border crossing when entering the Republic of Croatia, but it will take a longer waiting time in a separate lane.

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