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Zadar Tours and Excursions

Heading to Zadar for a vacation and want to know what tours are available? Start your Zadar Travel planning with a visit to the Zadar Tours and Excursions site where you can find the best tours and excursion in the Zadar region.

The site was set up by Zadar based tour operator Terra Travel d.o.o, who have been providing vacationers with a broad range of excursions since 2003 in the Zadar Region. This site offers holidaymakers the most up to date information on their tours with photos, videos and reviews provided of their tours giving customers the chance to see what they get before purchasing their tour ticket.

The team at Zadar Tours and Excursion are experienced and licensed guides who specialize in the Zadar Region with the skippers of their boat excursions having operated in the Zadar Archipelago for many years. That means you get local knowledge and the best excursion experience possible.

So what tours does Zadar Tours and Excursions offer? Here’s a little taste of some of their top tours:

Rafting on the Zrmanja – This is an absolute blast and fun for anyone looking for a little adventure and wanting to experience one of Croatia’s finest rivers.

Sail the Zadar Archipelago – The islands of the Zadar Archipelago are relatively untouched and an absolute natural wonder well worth visiting. Take your pick from a number of routes and experience the crystal clear Adriatic from Zadar.

Island Hopping – Want a taste of some of the stunning islands of Zadar. Jump on this day trip and get to experience Osljak, Ugljan and Pašman all in one day.

Telašćica Nature Park – This nature park is one of the top tourist attraction in the Zadar Region. You have the beautiful Telašćica Bay, the salt Lake Mir and the dramatic sea-facing cliffs within the nature park.


If you’d like to see more of what Zadar Tours and Excursions has to offer visit their site www.zadarexcursions.com.