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Zadar to Welcome a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Zadar to Welcome a UNESCO World Heritage Site UNESCO World Heritage status for Zadar

We obviously know that Croatia is one of the most beautiful and historical countries around, so it makes perfect sense that there are already 8 sites located in the country which have received UNESCO World Heritage status. This is quite the achievement, but it’s all set to get even better in July, when two more sites are expected to be added to the list.

Our Zadar Region and Sibenik, both on the glittering Dalmatian Coast are home to two sites of major interest, but they are expected to be upgraded in UNESCO importance at a meeting of the board in July. St Nicholas Fortress in Sibenik and Zadar’s city walls have long attracted visitors, thanks to their rich history and importance, but they are to join Plitvice Lakes National Park, Stari Grad Plains, Cathedral of Saint James, Dubrovnik Old City, Split’s historical complex, the Palace of Diocletian, Euphrasian Basilica, and Stecak on that honoured list.

Zadar’s walls were originally built to keep out the invading forces from Turkey, and it successfully did its job, allowing the city to maintain its independence, with the walls never being breached. There are several entrances into the walls, but nowadays only eight of these are open.

St Nicholas Fortress in Sibenik is also a site of major importance, protecting the area from invasion after its construction in 1525. The name originates from the former Monastery of St Nicholas, which was demolished following the construction of the fortress, designed in classic Venetian style. This is one of the best-preserved examples of architecture of this kind in the region, constructed of brick and stone.

This is all expected to be confirmed in the summer and looks set to increase the already huge amount of visitors heading to check out these historic attractions. Will you be one of them?