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Velebit Discovery

Active experience
5 days
2-20 persons

Velebit Discovery

Velebit. The sea on one side, Lika on the other. The Paklenica National Park and Zrmanja River to the south. What else do you need? Only a little good will and some courage to join us in an unforgettable adventure in which you will discover untouched nature, test your limits and be awarded with numerous memories. The best views of Zadar and Lika can only be reached in all-terrain vehicles on a photo safari. On a hiking tour of Paklenica National Park you will discover hidden beauty and natural phenomena. By relaxing in good company in a mountain lodge in the heart of Paklenica you can prepare for the Zrmanja River, which calmly flows towards the sea in its lower course between steep and unforgiving cliffs. It is a unique pleasure to observe the exceptional beauty of the mountains and to listen to the singing of birds. Join us in a kayak ride and experience this firsthand.

Activities & Atractions

  • the active holiday includes: Velebit photo safari in all-terrain vehicles
  • mountain-bike tour toward the sea
  • night hike to Sveto Brdo peak
  • watching mountain sunrise

Programme outline

Day 1
Velebit photo safari

Day 2
night hike to Sveto Brdo – sunrise

Day 3
mountain-bike tour of South Velebit

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