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Velebit Adventure

Active experience
2 - 4 days
3-20 persons

Velebit Adventure

Velebit is an enduring mystery. However many times you visit it, it always offers something new which you haven’t discovered before. Participate in a Velebit photo safari in all-terrain vehicles. There you will discover karst landscapes and magnificent views. You can visit the locations where the Winnetou films were made as well or observe the way of life of Croatian herdsmen from the past. A distinctive experience is the night hike to Sveto Brdo, the second highest peak of the Velebit Mountain (1751 m). The mountain will reward you with an unforgettable sunrise, after which you can descend through ancient beech woods into the heart of Paklenica. In the end you can test your fitness with a mountain-bike tour down mountain paths toward the sea (starting from around 1000 m). Discover pristine nature. Conquer Velebit. See the sunrise from one of Velebit’s peaks. Experience unforgettable moments. Your efforts will be rewarded with vivid memories.

Activities & Atractions

  • the active holiday includes: Velebit photo safari in all-terrain vehicles
  • mountain-bike tour toward the sea
  • night hike to Sveto Brdo peak
  • watching mountain sunrise

Programme outline

Day 1
Velebit photo safari

Day 2
night hike to Sveto Brdo – sunrise

Day 3
mountain-bike tour of South Velebit

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