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The Ancient Heart of Dalmatia

Special interests
3 - 5 days
2 persons

The Ancient Heart of Dalmatia

The Romans left numerous traces of their prolonged reign over Dalmatia. On the territory of what is now the village of Podgrađe near Benkovci, the once-magnificent town of ASSERIA is located. In what used to be one of the most important Liburnian and, subsequently, Roman settlements in the area of north Dalmatia, you can now find authentic Roman milestones, together with many other remnants of Rome’s advanced lifestyle and construction methods. In Jadera (Zadar), an extensive collection of glass objects has been gathered and exhibited in the Museum of Antique Glass.  Aenona (Nin) is a town that, already then, rooted its development in the extraction of salt from the sea, which is an activity that has remained preserved up to present day. Take a stroll with us and get to know the 3000-year-old history of Asseria, Aenona and Iadera, and discover the Roman foundations of Dalmatia through this walk through history!

Activities & Atractions

  • tour of the remains of Roman Asseria near the town of Benkovci
  • visit to Zadar and the Museum of Antique Glass
  • tour of the town of Zadar
  • tour of Nin and the salt pan

Programme outline

Day 1
arrival and accommodation

Day 2
tour of Zadar and the Museum of Antique Glass

Day 3
tour of Asseria and the Roman remains

Day 4
tour of Nin; Day 5: Departure.

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