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Spring Waters of the Karst Region

Mediterranean experience
3 - 5 days
6-50 persons

Spring Waters of the Karst Region

When the Dalmatian karst is bathed in spring rains, nature begins to shine in all its strength. Vransko Lake is an ornithological nature reserve visited by thousands of birds, and some of them can be seen when walking the educational trail. The reserve has been added to the Ramsar List in 2013, which means it is additionally protected. The Karišnica and Bijela rivers exist only during the rainy period, while the stone mills next to the Franciscan monastery were the only place to mill grain in a wide area. Zrmanja River is also inviting to those who love rafting and kayaking. The Krupa River swells in the spring when the waterfalls around the medieval monastery show their true beauty. Along with nature awakening in the spring, the season of gastronomic delights also begins, offering delicacies such as asparagus, snails and lamb.

Activities & Atractions

  • tour of the ornithological Vransko Lake Nature Reserve
  • tour of the monastery and remains of grain mills on the Karišnica River, and the waterfalls of Bijela River
  • rafting or boat ride on the Zrmanja River
  • tour of the Krupa Monastery and river

Programme outline

Day 1
Biograd and Vransko Lake (Vrana)

Day 2
Benkovac and Karin (Karišnica – Bijela)

Day 3
Obrovac – Žegar – Krupa (Zrmanja, Krupa)

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