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See, Hear, Meet and Experience Zadar

Mediterranean experience
3+ days
2 persons

See, Hear, Meet and Experience Zadar

It is said that ˝when in Rome, do as the Romans do˝. In Zadar, we apply the same rule! Meet Zadar, a city with a rich history of more than 3000 years, through the eyes of the locals. Who are the ˝barkarijoli˝ of Zadar, and what is the significance of the numbers three, four and five? These are but few of the questions that we will find an answer to together. On this journey, we will be taking you off the beaten path. We will invite you to climb on to the bell tower of the Cathedral to enjoy the best view of the city. On the boardwalk of Zadar, you will experience the most beautiful sunset ever, accompanied by the unique sounds of the Sea Organ that always plays as the sea tells it to – and the sea is a conductor that never repeats itself. In order to satisfy all of your senses, don’t forget to try some Maraschino, an original liquor made from an autochthonous variety of Marasca sour cherry. Let your visit to Zadar be a pleasure for all your senses!

Activities & Atractions

  • tour of Zadar with a local guide
  • view of the city from the bell tower of the Cathedral
  • tasting Maraschino, an original liquor
  • enjoying the most beautiful sunset in the world
  • listening to the music created by the one-of-a-kind Sea Organ

Programme outline

Day 1
tour of Zadar, tasting Maraschino

Day 2
exploring Zadar, watching the sunset and listening to the Sea Organ

Day 3

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