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Ravni Kotari – Tradition at Your Fingertips

Authentic food
3 days
2-15 persons

Ravni Kotari – Tradition at Your Fingertips

Every region writes its own history and has its own specific customs, traditions, attractions and culture. The area of Ravni kotari and Benkovac has been marked by numerous events that have shaped this region’s history since ancient times up to today. Discovwer its small scattered villages which have, during the past few decades, seen significant changes when it comes to construction methods and the way of life. The local folks are increasingly focused on preserving the local identity, traditions and customs, preserving the environment and strengthening autochthonous, traditional and ecological production, thus significantly stimulating the development of rural areas. Get to know the heart of Ravni kotari and find out why Benkovac has played a pivotal role in the development of Zadar since ancient times, and why the sea and the hinterland can’t live without each other!

Activities & Atractions

  • tour of the settlements in Ravni kotari
  • tour of the once-magnificent town of Asseria, one of the most important Liburnian and, subsequently, Roman settlements
  • tour of Benkovac
  • visit to a local family-run farm for wine tasting and sampling the traditional Benkovac dish ˝prisnac˝

Programme outline

Day 1
arrival and tour of Zadar

Day 2
tour of Benkovac and visit to a local family-run farm

Day 3

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