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Naval Adventure in the Zadar Archipelago

Island experience
4 days
2-8 persons

Naval Adventure in the Zadar Archipelago

The Zadar Archipelago is a special place in the Adriatic, made out of 300 islands, most of which are uninhabited. If there is a place anywhere where you can find peace or your own cove, this is it. We will begin our journey in Zadar and sail towards the islands of Rivanj and Ugljan. We will also visit the islands of Škarda, Ist and Dugi Otok, which has the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic. Apart from astonishing natural beauty, one of the specificities of this area is a sunken ship which is so close to the surface that it can be explored without special diving equipment. The turquoise sea of Sakarun Beach will make you long for a swim. You will observe and visit the true pearls of the Adriatic: a natural Salt Lake, Nature Reserve Telašćica and Kornati National Park, making stops in striking spots chosen by your captain. Give in to the fragrance of the sea and the light breeze while you enjoy the unique beauty of the Zadar Archipelago.

Activities & Atractions

  • sailing through the Zadar Archipelago
  • sailing around the islands of Ugljan, Rivanj, Sestrunj, Ist, Molat, Dugi Otok, and the islands of Kornati
  • swimming at the Sakarun Beach; Mir Cove
  • village of Sali
  • Lojena and Levrnaka coves

Programme outline

Day 1
Zadar- Ugljan – Rivanj – Škarda – Ist

Day 2
Molat – Lagnići – Sakarun – Veli Rat – Božava

Day 3
Rava – Telašćica

Day 4
Kornati National Park.

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