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Velebit Nature park and UNESCO biosphere reserve

The mythical Croatian mountain chain rising high above the sea is 2,200 km2 in surface area, extending from saddle Vratnik to the northwest up to Zrmanja Canyon to the southeast extending for kilometres. It is the biggest protected region in Croatia for its natural values and biological variety. In 1978, the Velebit mountain range was included in the UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve Network. It consists of Paklenica National Park and North Velebit National Park. It is made of sedimentary rocks, limestone, dolomite, marked by the variety of underground and surface karst formations with numerous habitats of endemic flora and fauna (the most famous one – the Velebit degenia). Numerous are the remains of cultural monuments and testimonies of human existence on the mountain. It is covered by many instructive trails and some parts are well organized (Paklenica) in various types of active and adventurous tourism. The views that extend from there and the descent into many of the protected coves remain a permanent memory. It offers unique experiences ranging from cave bear traces to bear encounters, enjoying the mountain trails and encountering herds of wild horses.