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Tito’s Bunkers Have Been Transformed

Tito's Bunkers Have Been Transformed Paklenica National Park offers something truly unique.

Paklenica National Park has always been popular with climbers and hikers – and now the park offers something truly unique.

Between 1950 and 1953 Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia, and the then President Josip Broz Tito had tunnels built in the side of the mighty Velebit Mountains. They secret tunnels were built in case of an air attack from the former USSR – now they are a new tourist attraction in the Zadar Region.

You can now walk in the tunnels, which began being excavated over 60 years ago. You’ll be greeted by a multimedia hall, and then there are vast numbers of corridors to roam – plus, there is even a climbing wall to conquer.

The area has currently over 1000 square meters to explore, and there are plans to open twice as much in the next phase of the project.

Head to Paklenica http://www.np-paklenica.hr/ and see the mysterious bunkers for yourself.