Tips for activities in Zadar Region during ‘Bablje ljeto’ (Grannies summer)

‘Bablje ljeto’ is a term used by local folks for the period of Autumn when the days are still hot and sunny, which came into wide usage from traditional observations of time changes – it’s literal translation is ‘grannies summer’ and you probably ask yourself why?

The original term comes likely from Check language – ‘babe leti’, because in September and October spiders make their nets that look like old woman’s hair.

More obvious reason why this term is so well accepted you can see on the coast: most vacations are over, kids are back in school and only those who have the privilege to be on vacation enjoying sun, sea, fresh air and activities all around Zadar Region – are grannies :)

Therefore, we would like to invite you to Zadar Region to enjoy this ‘grannies summer’ together with us, to keep in good shape doing one – or all – activities we recommend to you:


  1. Visiting Paklenica National Park

Since it is September, temperatures are not so high anymore and the days are ideal for visiting Paklenica National Park that is located on the Velebit Mountain. Entrance fee is affordable – around 50 kunas -, the park is not as crowded as in summer, and it has many paths that can satisfy different levels of climber or ambitious trekkers. What will you enjoy the most? Certainly, the fresh air and magnificent views but also fresh and cold natural water springs.

Important tips for visitors: wear sports clothes, bring water and do not overestimate yourselves – it is a mountain. Take your cell phone and memorize 112-phone number if anything goes wrong.

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  1. Bike tour on Vrana Lake

You can rent a bike in Zadar, Biograd or Pakoštane and then drive yourself closer to Vrana Lake (around 35 km from Zadar). Vrana Lake is a Nature Park with more than 40 km of bike trails around the lake. You can choose trails that will take you to the botanical heaven with scents of endemic and typical Mediterranean plants or you can choose to get closer to the lake and visit anglers’ houses. You can even enjoy finding and watching some of rare birds that live there. However, please respect the environment and rules of the Nature Park.

While in the area, you should not miss Kamenjak – spot on a hill above Vrana Lake, from where you can enjoy the amazing sight, the whole area of surroundings from Ravni Kotari to Kornati National park.

If you are experienced biker, you probably know all the rules, if you are not please be noticed: dress accordingly to the temperature, mind the weather forecasts and bring map and lots of water.




  1. Visit ancient Asseria

Asseria is the ancient city known from Iliric and Roman times and located near the city of Benkovac. In its past Asseria was neglected for a long time but fortunately the interest in this important historical place in last century grows.

Ancient Asseria was an important connection between Zadar and other important cities or military facilities in Scardona (today Skradin).

By taking this cultural and historical tour, you will surely learn a lot about Iliric and Roman times in Dalmatia and its influence on Croatian national culture.

We suggest to visitors not to miss a delicious lunch in Benkovac – tasty lamb is the best choice. It’s yummy!

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Enjoy Zadar Region!