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The Long Island Experience

Dugi otok An island that leaves no place for indifferences.

Dugi otok is an island that leaves no place for indifferences. The Nature Park on its south side with its exceptional Telašćica bay, which is the most beautiful, safest and biggest natural bay on the Adriatic offering even more than 25 little beaches, followed by the rocks rising up to 161 meters above the sea and descending up to 90 meters into the sea and finally the salt lake with its healing power. On the northern part, beach Sakarun predominates as a beautiful white sand and pebble beach with its crystal clear sea and an impressive lighthouse,  Veli rat, which completes the astonishing view. Traditional fiesta in Sali, a village on the island, called „Saljske užance“ presents local traditional customs and offers three day long fun for every visitor.