The Beauty of The Zadar Archipelago

Visiting Zadar really does give you more than you might at first realize, and if you skip the many island destinations that are a stone’s throw away from the mainland, you’re missing out.

The Zadar Archipelago is made up of several small and peaceful islands, and all of them are certainly visit-able in their own right. If you don’t have the time to island hop during your time in the area, which most people don’t have, then it’s certainly an idea to do your research ahead of time, and decide which islands you want to head to. Check out these four for size.

The Island of Ist

The Island of Ist is home to a town of the same name and is a really peaceful and quiet place to head for a break from it all. The island is known for its diving and fishing, which is two of the main reasons why people head there. There is a beautiful, small marina which is fantastic for chilling out and people watching in the warm, summer weather, and the fact that there are only around 250 people calling the island home means you’re not likely to run into crowds while wandering around the hills, vineyards, and olive groves.

The Island of Molat

There is certainly some history here, as well as nature, in that King Edward VIII ventured to the island in 1936 when he explored the Adriatic. On the nature side of things, the Island of Molat is thick with beautiful vegetation, and this makes it the ideal destination for anyone wanting to explore on foot, with countless hiking trails. The bays are also fantastic for sailing into and out of, and there are restaurants and shops to check out also.

Island of Premuda

This is another island which is a top choice for diving fans, and there is a cavern which is referred to as The Cathedral, as well as the St Istvan shipwreck. On dry land, however, there is plentiful chilling out opportunities, thanks to the quiet and peaceful way of life. You will find stone houses and color flowers, as well as olive and fig trees, amongst beautiful beaches. This is the most western of all the islands in the group.

The Island of Iž

This is probably one of the liveliest islands, despite the fact it is still chilled out. There are five villages on the island, namely Porovac, Makovac, Muce, Knez, and Komoseva. There is a lot of fishing history here, and plentiful small hotels and guests houses to rest your head. Veli Iz and Mali Iz are the main touristy parts of the island, with Mali Iz being the biggest. You will find plenty to see and do on the island, including the Festival of Iz in the summer months, celebrating traditions.