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TRAVEL TIPS: Sun Salutation

TRAVEL TIPS: Sun Salutation Zadar has its own Sun Salutation, a unique lightshow attraction!

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”. If you’re living according to this value, you’re going to love this offer, specially made for people who enjoy active life and nature!

Zadar has its own Sun Salutation, a unique lightshow attraction for the darker part of the day, which becomes an excellent location for practicing Yoga in the morning. Awaken your mind and body with the aromatherapeutic fragrance of the sea and a light breeze. Zadar hides many more spots ideal for such activities. One of them is atop a rocky coast where man and nature can connect in the best possible way. In order to make the exercise even more fulfilling, we chose as the next location Paklenica National Park, in whose cliff-side shade you can relax your body and breathe in fresh mountain air. But, the surprises don’t end here! The next location is in the immediate vicinity of Zadar, in the gorgeous Nin Lagoon. Treat yourself with a spa treatment on its sandy beach with its combination of medicinal mud and crystal-clear sea – it is an experience which you will surely never forget.

The package is available from May to September (or during the whole year, with minor adjustments) for groups of 5-35 people. Accommodation is in three-star or four-star hotels and private apartments, while transport is organized by us for groups of all sizes. Expert guides are available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish and Croatian (also other languages by request). All listed information is estimated and non-binding so please contact us to finalize the offer.

This programme is owned by www.terratravel.hr. Please contact info@terratravel.hr for further info.

Find out more about Zadar region Experiences at http://goo.gl/N7Xod4 (available soon at www.zadar.hr).