Souvenirs from the Zadar Region

Zadar offers up some pretty amazing natural wonders, historical relics, and fine treasures if you know where to look. Of course, visiting will have you captivated by the surrounding sea breeze which is always present. Yet, when you leave perhaps you would like to take a bit of this enchanted place with you. Doing so is not as hard as you think, and there are several unique items that you should consider, as they are specific to the region. Take a look at the items below, and add them to your souvenir list. These are all worthwhile items, and a few of them taste excellent too!

Nin Salt

Salt is a natural commodity in our Region. As the Adriatic Sea offers up salt, it flows down the Velvet Mountains into pools where the water evaporates. The only thing left behind is pure natural sea salt. You can find a variety of salty options to choose from – look out for the coarse sea salt without iodine.

Maraschino Liqueur

You have more than likely had your fair share of Maraschino cherries. They top desserts, and can be found in several different varieties of cocktail. However, the Maraschino Liqueur actually originates from Zadar. It was first started by monks in the 16th century, and gained popularity on a widespread production level by the 18th century. Purchase some from the distillery and see for yourself why this liqueur is sought after the world over. There is simply nothing else like it.

This is made like you have never had it before. The product, unique to Nin, can be found in many restaurants throughout Zadar. However, if you would like to take some home with you, then you usually can do so by finding it in a few shops. The meat is dried, insured with spices, then salt. The really neat thing about Sokol is that the recipes have been handed down by word-of-mouth from generation to generation. Therefore, you can only find this cured meat in Zadar and nowhere else.

Paski Sir

This sort of cheese is produced on Pag Island, however it can be found just about anywhere. The unique taste comes from the sheep’s milk that is used, and the vegetation that the sheep eat. The cheese is highly sought after, and very unique to the area. Grab some and take it home from the nearest stall or supermarket. It can be found just about anywhere in Zadar.

Pag Lace

This intricate lace is a product of Pag Island. It involves a needle, thread, and a backing material which can be round or square. The resulting product is stunning. Pag Island is known for its lace and for good reason. Purchase a few pieces and take them home for yourself as souvenirs. They make stunning backdrops and centerpieces for home decor.

Donkey Items

Pay homage to the four-legged beast of burden that is an integral part of the region. Just about anything souvenir related can be found with a donkey adorning it whether it be a pen, pencil, or a coffee mug. The donkey has been an important part of community life for the people of Zadar and the surrounding area for centuries. Therefore, you will find many souvenir items with a donkey theme.
There are several other things to check out as well. You could purchase a few relic replicas from the ancient Museum of Glass. Or find a host of other things in the local markets. The ones in our list are iconic and unique to Zadar. I always find the most memorable souvenir items from my trips involve something specific and unique to the area. The ones on our list make perfect suggestions. Enjoy!