Romance in the Royal Town of Nin

Are you true romantic wandering where to take your soulmate? Nin is the right place for you. Nin is known as the most romantic destination in Europe and this flattering title inspired the idea to organize here the Romantic Night Festival at the end of August. Ancient town of Nin is worth visiting due to its three thousand-year-old history, plentiful stories and legends, but also as it’s an attractive tourist destination of modern era. It seems that time stands still in Nin. Romantic lagoon welcomes you exactly as described in the novel “Planine” (1536) by poet Zoranić who used to walk along its shores. Magical attractiveness of the lagoon combining preserved environment and old town core on an islet in the middle of the shallow sea thrills all those who visited Nin at least once. Others, non-believers, will be convinced upon arrival to the old royal town of Nin. Take some time for a visit, either for a weekend getaway or plan to come for the Romantic Night at the end of August to be part of a romantic story to remember. Maybe you will get inspired by the beautiful nature, enduring city, endless romance, and decide that, here in Nin, you want to eternalize an important moment of your life. Exactly what a young man decided, to ask the love of his life to marry him in a beautiful, romantic and unforgettable way, on the Queen’s Beach during a stunning sunset. The couple was awarded for “the most beautiful selfie” with a dinner on the beach followed by a big surprise for his chosen one and others who were there.