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Nautical Splendor: Biograd Boat Show Accolades

Admirers of all things nautical had their time in Dalmatia last week, as influential seamanship event ‘Biograd Boat Show’ once again proved its worth in front of international audience. The 17th edition of this notable festivity concluded on Sunday, gathering thousands of attendees and confirming its status of the most developing seafaring exhibition in the region. Traditionally organized in Kornati Marina of Biograd, the event is known to be a prime business spot for nautical professionals, but also an entertaining experience for all people interested in naval travel and leisure.

Attendees were introduced to products and services of numerous exhibitors, including those dealing with luxurious vessels and charter travels. Lectures of notable speakers and educational workshops were also organized, as were trials of contemporary naval technologies and presentations of upcoming seafaring projects. Yet, the unwritten rule of ‘Biograd Boat Festival’ is that official matters end with the sunset. Precisely in the moment of sun’s disappearance from the sky, all work-related seriousness is replaced with relaxing attitude and diverting evening mood.

There are plenty of ways to get in such mental state on the shores of Biograd, of course. The marina itself is equipped with high-tech equipment and impressive infrastructure, including a large pontoon bridge which connects two parts of the locality, and provides beautiful view of the surrounding Adriatic area.  Outside Kornati Marina, attendees were welcome to enjoy the hospitality of numerous hotels and restaurants, owned by Croatian company ‘Ilirija’, which also organized the event.

Needless to say, the royal town of Biograd is, by itself, an attractive and unique feature of the show. This charming Dalmatian settlement used to be the capital of Croatian kings in the past, and has a lot of ancient churches and monasteries on its soil. And as every other town in coastal region of Dalmatia, it is surrounded by gorgeous natural sights and unique Mediterranean localities. All of these were available to guests of the festi

With this year’s ‘Biograd Boat Show’ finished, one thing is certain. Naval travel has never been more exciting and enjoyable, so you better start saving for a yacht. Who knows, maybe its maiden voyage will be tied to beautiful coasts of Biograd.