Modrič Cave

For those of you interested in experiencing something truly unique and seeing nature in all her natural glory, Modrič Cave is for you. This cave, which is located in Rovanjska on the Paklenica Riviera, 30km from Zadar, is an absolute gem. Discovered by chance in 1985 by a speleologist who was looking for somewhere to take refuge when the Bura (strong northeasterly wind) struck. Since that time the cave has been explored and a limited number of small groups are permitted to enter the cave to share this natural wonder with the outside world.

The Cave consists of two main channels, one of which you will explore on the tour. In the other channel, the fossil remains of a man from the Bronze Age were found along with some ceramics dating back around 4000 years. Also, the remains of a cave bear, which has been dated back to the ice age were also found. Interestingly, they are still not sure how the man and cave bear got into the cave; it is believed that there was or is another entrance. Further research needs to be conducted in this part of the cave and as such access to this channel is restricted.

The Cave is the longest known cave on the coast at 829 metres and remains at a constant 17 degrees celsius all year round, making a visit to the cave possible all year round.

A basic level of fitness is required to enter the cave however, you don’t need any special skills or training. There are a few narrow passages, and you will need to get on your hands and knees once or twice on the tour. However, this is all under the supervision of your guide who makes navigating the passages simple. All you need to bring along is enclosed footwear and light clothing. You will be provided with coveralls and a hard hat with a light.

What can you expect to see?

Modrič Cave is a real treasure and from the moment you enter you will be greeted with floor to ceiling stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, columns, and speleothems. The cave is in its natural state, so there is no lighting or paved footpaths; it’s just you and the cave as it has been for millennia. Some of the most impressive cave formations are the Cuttlefish, Medusa, The Red Queen and the anvil of honesty.

If you are in the Zadar Region, and you like a little adventure but don’t necessarily have the skills or ability, this is an activity you can definitely take part in. This cave experience is truly unique, and you will be hard pressed to find a tour like this. The best part is the tour is not dependant on weather.

How do I visit Modrič Cave?

To get into the cave, you need to be on a tour as the Cave is not open to the public. You can visit the cave with Zara-Adventure in Rovanjska, which is a 40-minute drive from Zadar Old Town. The tour takes around 2 hours.