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It’s Trekking Time!

It’s Trekking Time! Such a fantastic idea for an active kind of break!

What could be better than combining scenery, tourism and exercise? Check out the landscapes and get your blood pumping at the same time – this is a recipe which is certainly made for some of the most dramatically stunning natural landscapes on the planet, so it makes sense that Croatia has got in on the action!


On 4 March 2017, Island Pasman will host the Skraping, an annual trekking race that challenges participants in the best possible way.


No matter what your level of ability, you can take part in this fantastic event, with three different levels of difficulty on offer – ultra, challenger, and light. As you move around the course there are various checkpoints you need to arrive at and meet, in order to complete the race in its entirety – these checkpoints are at some of the most beautiful and scenic points across the island.


This is a fantastic idea for an active kind of break, as you won’t only be walking, running, jogging, and scrambling over rocks, but you’ll also be taking photos of what you see along the way – unless you’re trying to win, of course!


Accommodation is available along the course quite plentifully, and you’re sure to meet many people from all different countries; last year’s race attracted around 1300 different people taking part!


In terms of drawing attention to this beautiful island, Skraping is a great idea, but in terms of taking part, well, you’ll certainly fall in love with the landscapes, whilst getting your blood pumping at the same time.