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Salt – More Important than Gold

Mediterranean experience
3 - 5 days
2-10 persons

Salt – More Important than Gold

Salt is often referred to as white gold, thus it is not unusual that it was often used as a method of payment. The traditional way of making salt in a naturally and ecologically friendly way is through the use of solar and wind power. Seawater is evaporated in spacious evaporation ponds, upon which the salt is purified and stored. This tradition is still cultivated in Pag and Nin. The clean environment, specific climate with many sunshine hours and favourable winds, together with an exceptional geographical position, provide for supreme world-class quality. If you want to experience the traditional way of manufacturing salt, or if you’re interested in souvenirs made from salt or would like to try ˝harvesting˝ salt, come with us to Nin and Pag, where the tradition of saltmaking has been present since ancient times.  You will witness how the flora and fauna can live in a symbiosis with man, and you will also be able to find out why the salt flower is the flower of health.

Activities & Atractions

  • visit to the salt pan in Nin and tour of the Museum of salt
  • visit to Pag, the island of salt, lace and cheese
  • tour of Zadar and visit to the Museum of Antique Glass, a cultural institution that is one-of-a-kind in Croatia and the world

Programme outline

Day 1

Day 2
tour of Nin and the Museum of Salt Commerce

Day 3
tour of Pag, the salt pan and the Museum of Salt

Day 4
tour of Zadar

Day 5

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