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Pag Photo Safari

Special interests
3 - 5 days
15-20 persons

Pag Photo Safari

The specific moon-like appearance of the island of Pag, with its lack of vegetation combined with the presence of a variety of plant and animal life, is attractive to many. The area of the island of Pag contains several swamp oases (Veliko Blato, Malo Blato, Kolanjsko Blato). These are favourite habitats for numerous species of birds. The Pag Saltworks (Dinjiška) is also an important habitat for several species of birds. These parts of the island are suitable for long walks and taking photographs of unusual landscapes and birds. We will begin our tour with professional lectures in ornithology, geology and the basics of photography. These will be followed by a tour of the above-mentioned areas. Watching and photographing birds you will come in contact with fans of photography, nature and these winged creatures. Perhaps you will discover a new hobby in this strange, but interesting place.

Activities & Atractions

  • professional lectures in ornithology, geology and photography
  • tour of the areas of Veliko Blato, Malo Blato and Kolanjsko Blato
  • visit to the Pag Saltworks (Dinjiška)

Programme outline

Day 1
introduction of activities

Day 2
different lectures in ornithology, geology and photography

Day 3
tour of Veliko Blato, Malo Blato, Kolanjsko Blato and Pag

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