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Come to the Pag Carnival

Special interests
5+ days
3-50 persons

Come to the Pag Carnival

Pag’s summer carnival is the oldest carnival on the Adriatic, but the real carnival happens in winter. It begins in January with dance evenings – tanci – are held every Saturday. The culmination of the carnival is during the final three days, when it moves outdoors. So if you’re looking to have a good time, get your masks ready and join the carnival procession, dance the traditional ˝kolo˝ dance from Pag to the sounds of a brass band, view the play Robinja where all roles are performed by men and many other as things as alwys get crazy at carnival time.

Activities & Atractions

  • masked ˝tanac˝ (dance evening) on Saturday
  • participation in the carnival procession; dancing the Pag ˝kolo˝
  • competition for the best mask
  • participation in the masked funeral procession
  • witnessing the ritual burning of Marko

Programme outline

Day 1- Day 5
accommodation in the town of Pag with the following schedule; tanac dance evening on Saturday, procession and programme on Sunday, children’s carnival on Monday,  costume party on Tuesday, funeral procession and the burning of Marko on Wednesday.

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