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Become the Saviours of the Last Dolphins

Island experience
2 - 3 days
2-8 persons

Become the Saviours of the Last Dolphins

Sometimes we gain the best impressions by doing something really good and useful along with enjoying ourselves. Leave a positive mark on your travels and support a dolphin research project on the island of Molat. Contribute to photo identification of dolphins from your kayak in our key study areas. Meet Nature Val’s research team led by a professor from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and learn about the history of marine mammals in the Adriatic and related research in the last two decades in Croatia. Learn about dolphins, their behaviour, and anatomy, all the while living a sustainable island life and moving only using the power of your muscles in one of Mediterranean’s densest island groups.

Activities & Atractions

  • observe dolphins in their natural habitat
  • learn about dolphins, their behaviour and way of life
  • participate in Nature Val’s research project
  • contribute to the protection of the last bottlenose dolphins in the Adriatic

Programme outline

Day 1
arrival; kayaking Research Area 1;

Day 2
kayaking Research Area 2, dolphin presentation;

Day 3

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