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3000-Year-Old Story of Wine

Authentic food
2 - 4 days
6-50 persons

3000-Year-Old Story of Wine

Mediterranean man has been cultivating olives and vineyards since ever as the story of wine and olive oil is 3000 years old. Nowdays, the current generation brings it down the rocky slopes of Zadar’s hinterland to win awards at wine festivals all over Europe. Learn the secret source of wine sorts such as Zinfandel and Primitivo and learn why even kings loved the wine that was cultivated in these sun-bleached rocks. Taste the magic of the “three graces” of Mediterranean: olives, wines and figs and enjoy how it combines into Dalmatian cuisine.

Activities & Atractions

  • sample olives
  • wine and figs
  • visit groves
  • producers

Programme outline

Day 1
agricultural commune with sampling and lunch in the middle of a vineyard

Day 2
Petrčani and Zadar (Museum of Ancient Glass)

Day 3
tour of Asseria and a Farm, as well as the Benkovac Heritage Museum and Nadin

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