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Velebit Highlander

Velebit Highlander Hiking competition

Highlander Velebit is 118 km long hiking competition to be finished in 5 days with trails that go through two national parks, Paklenica and Northern Velebit.

The Highlander route is really challenging at times, but both the experienced hikers and those a little less experienced can equally enjoy in the adventure of a lifetime that takes them via Premužić trail and through Ramino korito – the last untouched rainforest in Croatia. Hiking is easier with the fantastic views from the peaks of Panos and Stap. After that the route leads hikers to Veliko Rujno, which is situated in the heart of Velebit , and the adventure ends in the spectacular canyon of Paklenica.

The participants have 5 days to finish the hike, during which they need to collect stamps from 5 control points located at the Start, Mountaineering lodge Skorpovac, Baške Oštarije, Panos, Veliko Rujno and the Finish in Paklenica. During the event, the participants have the exclusivity of camping/sleeping on National parks’ grounds, which is prohibited for the standard visitors.

This year’s Highlander will be held from 14th till 18th of September and hikers from 14 different countries  will see why Croatia is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Croatian hikers will share their mesmerizing mountain landscape with hikers and nature enthusiasts from Marocco, Hong Kong,  Poland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, South Korea, Serbia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic.

Highlander is so much more than just a hiking event, it also serves as a promoter of croatian mountains. The event builds upon a current narration of Croatia as a land of sun, beaches and the Adriatic Sea and to which it assigns  magical Croatian mountains which stand out with their change in scenery – from dense beech forests to bare rocks and karst. With all that, it also encourages a healthy lifestyle with being active and staying in nature and is a mean of education about safe hiking, long-distance hiking and how to best prepare when going on a hike. Highlander Velebit promotes and educates about sustainable relation towards nature with its ”take only pictures, leave only footprints” philosophy.

Don’t be afraid to explore ”the rocky” side of Croatia, don’t be afraid to try something new and don’t miss out on a chance to join more than 250 applicants that will start their adventure of a lifetime this September!