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Paklenica Trail International 2016

Paklenica Trail International 2016 Mountain Racers Get Ready to Race in Starigrad Paklenica

Mountain lovers and racers combine your two loves and join in all the fun at the 4th annual Paklenica Trail International – a trail running race in which racers traverse the stunning Velebit Mountains in the Paklenica National Park. Held this year on April 30, the race starts in Starigrad-Paklenica, a small seaside town which boasts an impressive backdrop of karst mountains which rise up out of the Adriatic sea.

There are three trail options both for amateurs and professional racers:

One: Pjeskarica – 17km.  This category is suited to recreational, amateur and professionals.

Two: Paklina -24km. This category is tailored to runners with a moderate level of fitness and mountain running experience.

Three: Three Canyon – 42km. This epic race is for those with serious endurance and for professionals.

Paklenica National Park is considered utopia to many hikers and climbers – don’t miss the fun and join us.

You can register to compete online here {{ http://www.paklenicatrail.com/ }}, with registrations closing on April 20. Registration fees start at €14 and include: the mountain rescue service and medical team, food and drinks at refreshment points, a meal after the race and entrance fee to Paklenica National Park.


Join the action on facebook here to find out more about the race {{ Paklenica Trail International }} or find our more about Paklenica Riviera here {{ http://www.rivijera-paklenica.hr/en/events }}