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Zadar region

The Zadar region occupies the central area of the Adriatic Sea in the south of the Republic of Croatia. Croatia is Central Europe and the Western Balkans, but always a Mediterranean country. 600 kilometres of the Adriatic Sea, a Mediterranean bay penetrating deep into the European mainland has endowed the coast with an indented coastline of 6,500 kilometres.

Zadar is the center of the region, a 3 000-year-old city that was the capital of Dalmatia from the 7th century to the end of the Second World War, from the period of the Byzantines, Franks, Croatian-Hungarians, Venetians, and French and Austrian empires. Zadar can be reached by auto route, air, sea and train.


Geographical position

Croatia takes up most of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea as part of the Mediterranean with the deepest penetration into the European mainland. Croatia refers to the Adriatic coast and all the islands. The narrow mountain belt of the Dinarides (Dinaric Alps) divides its Mediterranean part from the central European continental part which extends to the farthest eastern slopes of the Alps to the northwest up to the shores of the Danube River to the east, embracing the southern part of the fertile Pannonian plains.


The mainland surface area is 56,594 km2, and the sea surface area is 31,479 km2.


Croatia has 4,290,612 inhabitants.

Government system

Croatia is a multi-party parliamentarian republic.


Zagreb has 792,875 inhabitants and is the economic, traffic, cultural and academic centre of the country.

Length of coastline

6.278 km, of which 4,398 km of islands, rocks and reefs

Number of islands, islets, rocks and reefs

1,244. The biggest islands are Krk and Cres. 50 islands are inhabited.


The official currency in Croatia is the kuna (1 kuna = 100 lipa). Foreign currency is changed in banks, exchange offices, post offices and in most tourist agencies, hotels and campsites. Credit cards (Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners) are accepted in almost all hotels, marinas, restaurants, shops, and bank machines.

Electrical voltage of the city network

220 V with frequency 50 Hz