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Hollywood Comes to Pag

Hollywood Comes to Pag Ridley Scott Production of The Terror is being filmed on Pag Island

This April sees a slice of Hollywood visit the beautiful Croatian island of Pag, with the TV drama The Terror embarking on filming on the island.

This isn’t the first time that filming has taken place in Croatia, with Dubrovnik last month being the set for Robin Hood, and in the past, even Star Wars: The Last Jedi, found the perfect spot for their filming.

The Terror charters the story of HMS Terror and its crew, who are being chased throughout the Arctic Ocean by a strange creature. The Terror is based on a true story, and the filming location couldn’t be better, thanks to the famously otherworldly appearance of the island.

The executive producer is Ridley-Scott, famous for Gladiator and The Martian, to name just a couple of blockbuster creations, and looks set to gain further success from his current filming.

Pag will certainly benefit from the attention this huge named producer will bring to the island, and viewers will be able to enjoy the landscapes for themselves on the small screen too.