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The Fishing Stories of Zadar Region

Authentic food
3 days
2-12 persons

The Fishing Stories of Zadar Region

Fishing… a small boat on the sea,  a fisherman pulling out his net at dawn… And silence. But, it’s not always like that! Fishermen often travel together and tell their stories while fishing, recall and debate their greatest catches. Discover the fishing skills, stories and traditions of the Zadar region. Fishing, visiting fish markets and fish farms, sampling fish delicacies, as well as cooking your own catch will complete your experience. Fish is best when you catch it yourself, clean it in the sea and leave its guts to the seagulls, and then throw it onto the grill or make it into a stew. You will be helped by experienced fishermen who also know stories of how it used to be. Become the keepers of the histories of common people. Gather this experience and knowledge with all your senses and take it home with you as treasurers of tradition.

Activities & Atractions

  • tour of Zadar – fish market; sampling of food
  • fishing with nets; visit to Kali, a typical fishing village
  • tour of a fish farm and sampling of fish stew, tuna or anchovies

Programme outline

Day 1
tour of Zadar and visit of the fish market, fish lunch

Day 2
Privlaka/Nin: learning fishing skills, sailing in a fishing boat and preparing the catch

Day 3
tour of a fish farm on the island of Ugljan, fish lunch or dinner

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