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Secrets of Olive Groves

Island experience
1 - 3 days
2-40 persons

Secrets of Olive Groves

The island closest to Zadar is the green island of Ugljan, covered in ancient olive trees and pines, and apart from enjoying the beautiful landscape, pleasant air and fragrance of the sea, you can experience something special by visiting the ancient oil press in Muline. Here you will be given an opportunity to learn about the tradition of growing olives and producing olive oil. A little bit further, in Preko, is an organic olive grove and oil-making plant, a perfect place for sampling Dalmatian cuisine. A visit to the olive groves of the Zadar hinterland will show you that oil production is not limited to Croatian islands, but also thrives in the poor Dalmatian soil which sustains over 12.000 olive trees. Here you can regain your energy with the help of homemade prosciutto, cheese, wine and olive oil. One final treat is a visit to the olive grove of Lun, whose olive trees are among the oldest and most beautiful in the world, and will certainly leave you breathless.

Activities & Atractions

  • learn about the tradition of olive growing and making olive oil, which has been present in this area since ancient times
  • discover olive groves of the Zadar Region, with some of the oldest olive trees in the world

Programme outline

Day 1
visit to the island of Ugljan and olive groves of Muline and Preko

Day 2
tour of Ravni Kotari and visit to an olive grove

Day 3
visit to the olive groves of Lun

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