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Secret of the Mountains

Active experience
3 - 4 days
1-10 persons

Secret of the Mountains

Since ancient times Velebit Mountain has been regarded with awe, wonder and respect. It is no coincidence that one of the first literary works in Croatia was dedicated to Velebit. Perhaps the writer Petar Zoranić (1508-1569) found the inspiration to write the first Croatian novel, “Mountain”, in the village of Zagon, which is now only a couple of stone houses merging together with the karst and sparse vegetation. Perhaps some lost shepherd took shelter in Manita Peć Cave and patiently waited for the Paklenica storms to subside. Come join us in wandering the unbeaten paths of Velebit in order to discover the true nature of the mountain, the miraculous movement of rocks frozen in their stillness, the celebrated highlands and stern cliffs. The mysterious Velebit will hold out its hand and guide you through its gorges and offer you beautiful views and unforgettable experiences.

Activities & Atractions

  • tour of the village of Zagon, visit of Stapa, Rujan, Vidakovi Kukovi and Manita Peć Cave in Paklenica National Park

Programme outline

Day 1:
Zadar – Zagon

Day 2:
Zagon – Stap/Rujno – Zagon

Day 3:
Zagon – Manita Peć Cave

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