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Row into the Sunset

Active experience
3 - 5 days
15-50 persons

Row into the Sunset

Dugi otok abounds with numerous bays that are ideal for kayaking – an increasingly popular way of spending your holidays or getting to know a new destination. The bays of Dugi otok and the area around the Veli Rat lighthouse definitely pose a challenge to all true kayakers! Telašćica Bay is one of the safest natural harbours on the Adriatic, and therefore one of the potentially most scenic kayaking destinations. The bay itself is protected from winds and waves and, since it is a part of Telašćica Nature Park, boat speed is also limited, which contributes to the safety of the entire area. The turquoise colour of the water, the view of the open sea, the sandy coast with pebbles that provide a good foot massage, the forest…considering all these perks and the breathtaking natural environment, kayaking truly represents the perfect way of exploring the bay in a unique way.

Activities & Atractions

  • kayaking around Dugi otok
  • Telašćica Bay
  • the Veli Rat lighthouse on the north-western cape, near the town of Veli Rat
  • Sitno Bay
  • Sakarun Bay, one of the most renowned beaches in the Zadar County

Programme outline

Day 1
arrival and accommodation, getting acquainted with the island and kayaking routes

Day 2
kayaking along the northern part of the island – within the zone of the Veli Rat lighthouse

Day 3
kayaking along the southern part of the island within the zone of Telašćica Nature Park and Kornati Islands

Day 4
visit to the Strašna Peć (˝cave of horrors˝) cave

Day 5

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