Three thousand years of belonging

So, how to put it one simple blog post – 3000 years of continuous tradition of urban living in one word? Our guess would be just saying – Zadar :)

And yes, it will take much more than just one blog to dig it…

Located at the center of Adriatic cost, and now in center of your attention – there must be some really good reasons why all of Zadar inhabitants in last 3000 years – from different empires, tribes and parts of the world – settled here and stone by stone build this marvelous piece of history, that is often hidden to our everyday perspective just because it is so obvious and not behind some big and hard museum glass.

Yes, it is a living museum, and just as you will be walking around old town, and explore some amazing spots in Zadar County – you’ll start to experience it – step by step: every corner, every little street, every view has its story, its history and relevance. Regardless is it hectic, quiet, or just easy going – its atmosphere will just suck you in – and from that moment on – you will be one of us, from Zadar.

From that point on, entering the city by crossing the famous bridge (once it was all in stone), and passing through old city wall is really special feeling, having a coffee at ancient Roman forum is the most normal thing to do and just passing by Stomorica, old preromanic remains of the church is something that you did already 100 times. But, it is never boring, it is never the same.

Just as you’ll be amazed every time you sit near Sea Organ and say good night to the Sun that is just falling into the sea. It is normal thing – right? Sun goes up and down every day… But on this special spot – people applaud it every evening, like they just saw the most inspiring dance performance…

It is a spectacle of elements: sea, wind, stone, breeze and Sun, that every day steals the show!

But, not to leave this really brave statement in the air without any strong argument, there is one guy that we could believe – his name is Alfred Hitchcock, maybe you’ve heard somewhere about him J

In his short visit to Zadar in 60’s, he stayed in Hotel Zagreb in the old town on Nova Riva, and had similar experience of Sun spectacle every day… This is what he said: “The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida.”

Maybe this is the reason someone even before the old and famous Greeks found something for himself here, a way a nature says: You belong here… But it is just our guess, you’ll have to come here and find answer for yourself…